Von Schweikert Audio VR-11
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FREQ RESP: 10Hz - 60KHz  (+/-3dB @ 16Hz and 40,000Hz)

SENSITIVITY:  96dB @1W/1M set to FLAT Response

IMPEDANCE:  8ohms nominal, drops to 4ohms at 400Hz

REC. MIN. POWER:  100 watts

SUB AMP POWER RATING:  1000 watts RMS (Two Subs per Tower)

SIZE:  90" H x 11" W (front) x 21" W (rear) x 30" D

WEIGHT:  963lbs (Per Tower)


The world's best speaker system? No company has designed a perfect speaker system, of course...and just what would the world's best speaker be, anyway? Would it have powerful, tight bass down to 10Hz?  Astonishingly clear midrange and unbelievable transparency? Extremely smooth highs out to 50kHz?


Three dimensional imaging that creates a suspension of disbelief? Incredible build quality and a twenty-year warranty? A speaker so exciting that you want to stay up all night, savoring each and every note?


If these qualities are your personal "Holy Grail" and music is an important part of your life, the VR-11 Special Edition Mk2 is for you!


The VR-11SE MkII utilizes our proprietary Acoustic Inverse Replication (A.I.R.) technology, developed by Albert Von Schweikert while at California Institute of Technology. A.I.R. employs our famous Global Axis Integration Network to enable our VR-11SE MkII to replicate the inverse of recording microphone signal, thus decoding the dimensionality of the actual recorded event. In combination with our rear-firing Ambience Retrieval System, the VR-11SE MkII will provide thrilling realism, so close to a live performance, that you will continue to ask yourself: "Is it Life or is it VR-11?"


A key ingredient of the VR-11SE MkII’s magic is the extreme dynamic range offered by our 96dB sensitivity (using the bass/treble boost settings). As most audiophiles have realized, live music has a tremendous dynamic range, which most speakers compress to the point of sounding canned. Conventional, low/mid efficiency speakers lack jump factor and lose the excitement of the live event. In addition, a veil is imparted by inefficient drive units and dissipation of low level detail by commercial-grade crossover parts. The VR-11SE MkII eliminates these problems by using large magnet/low distortion drivers in a line source time-aligned array, in conjunction with extremely advanced crossover parts, internal wiring, and binding posts. The resulting dynamic range, clarity, and transparency are shocking; we believe the VR-11SE MkII is as close to live as it gets!


Driver Compliment (per side)

2 - 15" Carbon fiber sandwich subwoofers (mounted on rear cabinet)

4 - 8.5" Magnesium Cone

2 - 7" Carbon-Kevlar-Cellulose Aerogel

2 - 1.5" Dual concentric silk ring radiators

2 - 5" Aluminum ribbon super tweeters (1 front, 1 rear ambience)


Subwoofer Amplifier Power - 4 amplifiers, 1000-watts (2000-watt peak) RMS Class D technology


Binding Posts

3 pairs of 5-Way WBT Platinum posts enable tri-wiring. Single wire can be used direct to M-T with jumpers to the woofer cabinets.


Fine Tuning Adjustments

The VR-9 & the VR-11 are both adjustable from bass to treble to match any room condition, electronics, or listening taste. The controls include: Subwoofer level, subwoofer frequency, front tweeter level, super tweeter level and a rear ambience level control. The controls for the front tweeters and super tweeters are 20 position auto formers that do not degrade the signal. Purchase of the VR-11SE MkII includes a visit from a trained engineer or technician to help fine tune the system to your satisfaction.

Warranty: Five-Year when purchased through an authorized dealer