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Total Immersion

Engineered by Critical Mass Systems, the Center Stage2 “LS” Series loudspeaker foot is an unparalleled breakthrough in cabinet resonance mitigation; the culmination in years of experimentation and development based on the groundbreaking and award-winning Center Stage2 footer technology.  No matter how good your system is, the Center Stage2 “LS” Series loudspeaker foot will add a new dimension to your listening experience, making any system sound better.

The “LS” series foot dramatically reduces distortion through improved resonance control which allows you to experience far greater accuracy to the original recording across the entire frequency spectrum by lowering the noise floor of your system.  Musical instruments and vocals will emerge from the blackest of backgrounds.  And the higher your system’s resolution, the greater your results will be from this revolutionary resonance mitigation technology.

In addition to the promised sonic improvements, the LS Footers are designed for ease of use.  Each LS Footer incorporates a telescoping shaft which allows you to level your loudspeakers once installed.  Simply rotate the bottom disc to raise or lower the LS Footer while mounted under the speaker to achieve a level setting.

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The Perfect Fit

For ultimate performance, we recommend four footers per loudspeaker.  The entire top surface of the footer must be in contact with the bottom of your speaker for optimum isolation and resonance mitigation.  To this end, we offer three mounting options to accommodate any loudspeaker.


Simply Place Directly Under Your Speakers

This is by far the easiest mounting solution and is 100% effective in isolating your loudspeakers while eliminating cabinet resonances delivering the lowest distortion possible.


Threaded Adapters

Included in the price of each footer is a threaded titanium adapter manufactured to fit your

loudspeaker’s specifications.  This mounting option offers an increased level of safety and security for your loudspeakers and is highly recommended for those benefits.


Custom Outriggers

Should you desire, our hardware design and manufacturing team will fabricate custom airplane aluminum outriggers for your loudspeakers that offer an attractive aesthetic while providing the same level of sonic performance as if the LS Footers were mounting directly to the bottom of your speakers.  Please contact us for price quote.

Install Option One
Instillation Option Two
Installation Option Three
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Center Stage2 LS Footer

LS 0.8

LS 1.0

LS 1.5

The Foundation Performance is Built On

The Center Stage2 “LS” Series loudspeaker foot is engineered to handle a tremendous amount of weight, far more than any speaker currently in production. However, for peak operational performance we’ve provide the following weight limit recommendations.

LS 0.8 – Max operational weight of a loudspeaker cabinet 200 lbs./ 91 Kilos or less*

LS 1.0 – Max operational weight of a loudspeaker cabinet 800 lbs./ 363 Kilos or less*

LS 1.5 – Max operational weight of a loudspeaker cabinet 1,600 lbs./ 726 Kilos or less*

*4 feet recommended per loudspeaker cabinet